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Save your smart phone from unauthorized access

 Save your smart phone from unauthorized access : Introduction : In our world there are many kinds of smart phone users are available...

Save your smart phone from unauthorized access

 Save your smart phone from unauthorized access :
Introduction :
In our world there are many kinds of smart phone users are available. Android mobile iPhone and thousands of china smart phone gathered around the world. Some smart phone able to fill up customer satisfaction. They are providing many features,  many apps, user friendly tools and attractive innovation of  new technology. 

Smart Phone Problems :
Peoples are facing some common problem during using smart phones. Over heating the phone motherboard, does not properly using apps,  USB data cable and flash firmware recovery, these problems are occurred at home and abroad during using smart phone. Peoples are facing also does not matching software version also. So that some android mobile is shutting down during working on,  some are becomes hot during using internet   since long time. 

Smart Phone Solutions :
Here a biggest solution is version change. You have to change version for proper using. Good brand such as Samsung,  Nokia, htc, LG, Huawei, oppo, Intex, maximus, symphony, micromax  etc they also faced it. In this step in some good brand smartphones kitkat version was not perfect for longtime internet browsing. Here the best solution is lollipop version. If your are using kitkat version for your smart phone,  then to get better performance just change the version to lollipop. The upgrade version will be better for you. 

iPhone Smart Phone Problem and Solutions :
iPhone contains own operating system. Camera quality,  self resource., own operating  system and extra ordinary  tools are best feature of iPhone. But you have to face Problem during iPhone using due to not be able for resource sharing, unsupported tools with available android phones and not user friendly with other smart hone. Also problem during internal communication between different device.

Critical Problem and Common Solutions for Cell Phone :
We are facing critical problem many times. But you can solve thousand of  problem of different smart phone and iPhones. Just Follow these rules and keep your smart phone alive forever...

=== Restart your mobile  if error message occurs
=== Switching off when apps are not working 
=== Restore factory setting can solve your problem. 
=== Don't charge your mobile whole night, charge only 2-3 hours.
=== Don't make empty of your battery
=== Do not install unnecessary and unknown apps

So you will be able e to know many problem and many solution and hundred of trouble you can recover of your smart phone and android mobile. You can gather more experience by it which is need in future revolution.

Follow the guidelines, save your smartphone from all problems. Best of luck...


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