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Save your smart phone from unauthorized access

 Save your smart phone from unauthorized access : Introduction : In our world there are many kinds of smart phone users are available...

Battery life hints and tips for Android

Battery life hints and tips for Android
When a device registers with Mobile Iron it can have a important number of changes applied to it. These changes are delivered based on the configurations and settings setup by the system manager. Once registered, device can be doing a large number of different things and the impact on the device can vary from person to person and location.
With any device, when it does extra, it uses additional battery. In a effort to help end users understand what their device is doing and get the best out of it we have prepared a guide full of information to help extend of battery life. Many of the hints below are helpful for any Android device, whether configured through Mobile Iron or not. The following terms are necessary for note down : Exchange Active Sync Many users claiming to see a important battery drain initially will end up reporting a normalization of battery life after a few days. This is due to the complete recycling that has to happen during the Mobile Iron registration procedure. Aside from this initial sync, content that the device seems to have problem syncing and recycling can often cause substantial battery drain. If users are stating they are constantly getting error messages when syncing E-mail, Contacts, or Calendars, or if they see items that seem to "Disappear and Reappear", battery life could be significantly diminished.

 VSP Settings : There are several sync intervals that can be changes in the Sync Policies that can be adjusted to potentially amplify battery life. Sync on Low Battery - Adjusting this setting can slow down battery drain on a device that is already below a particular threshold. Heartbeat Interval - Raising this interval can amplify battery life; but results in fewer samplings of signal strength and network quality being uploaded to the VSP. Sync Interval - the frequency for opening the synchronization process between the Mobile Iron Server and the device. Having this setting set too violently can reduce battery life. The Client is forever Connected setting keeps the client connected during the Multitasking Sync Interval. This ensures better client reporting and is required for Remote Control. Disabling this can amplify battery life.

Windows Phone 8 - Mobile Device Management and Smart Phone Problem

Windows Phone 8 - Mobile Device Management and Smart Phone Problem
With Smartphone Solutions technology partners industry-leading enterprise mobility management solution activates enterprises and public sector organizations to take full advantage of the new Windows Phone 8 device and application management abilities.
Along with support for upcoming features to be revealed on release date, Air Watch will accept the public-ally announced Windows Phone 8 device and application management features: Company Hubs Device reporting, configuration and analytic Over-the-air updates to enterprise applications Exchange Active Sync configuration Enterprise and full device wipes SD card disabling With the Company Hub, Windows Phone 8 provides a central location for IT administrators to push internal application updates, securely connect devices to enterprise networks and send notifications and messages to specific contacts.

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Download Youtube Video in Your Android Smart Phone

Download Youtube Video in Your Android Smart Phone
This apps is suitable for all. Compatible for iPhone and Smart Phone. You can download youtube video from this apps. Latest version and update features are available here.Click here to download

You can also download the video in the following way :

type  ss  instead of    www.   in address bar in front of  http://

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