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Android Apps Downloading Problem

Android Apps Downloading Problem :
All kinds of Smart Phone, iPhone, Android Mobile and others mobile is now most popular for updated apps, software and games.  Sometimes there are some problem occurs in Android apps. Such not installing apps, can not run, can not start or stop, hanged the program, downloading error and others.
In this way the best solution is to give reset. In some download problem follow the rules :

* Make sure that your device is on the list of supported device which means it's supported for use with the Google Play store app. You will get the list from the link 
* For paid applications, confirm your credit card information is up to date by signing in google wallet account.

* Cancel and restart the download.
*  Restart your device, then try again downloading the app.Confirm there is have connectivity to either wireless or cellular networks on your device, and contact with your service provider if you aren't connected.
*  Try downloads using both wireless and cellular network connections, and ensure firewalls aren’t blocking access to ports required for Google Play (TCP and UDP 5228)
* Make sure that you have cleared the cache and data of both the Google Play store app and the download manager.

Visit Settings > Apps on your device :
View All apps 
Select the Google Play store app, and then tap Clear data and Clear cache.Then, select Download manager and tap Clear data and Clear cache.