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Save your smart phone from unauthorized access

 Save your smart phone from unauthorized access : Introduction : In our world there are many kinds of smart phone users are available...

Mobile Phone Tracking and Location Privacy

Mobile Phone Tracking and Location Privacy:

Nowadays its really very hard to use mobile phone safely because all the time we can watched and being monitor by different agencies or security team. This is very easy to locate and track the any mobile phone, iphone or smart phone. 

A cell phone updates its location after every 5 minutes to its concerning tower and base center or BTS. So its be very very conscious about mobile phone safe custody and talks.

Is cell phone transmitting your location, acting like a homing beacon for whomever may wish to listen in? Cell phone tracking versus location privacy are hot topics these days. Federal e911 rules require that your cell phone carrier be able to provide your location or place information in the event that you initiate a 911 call, but some consumers are reporting that their GPS cell phones are transmitting this information all the time, not just when they dial 9-1-1.

The Treo 650, for example, offers you the option of transmitting your location all the time, or only when you make a 911 call. Consumers are reporting that Verizon provisioned Treo 650s are defaulted to report their location or place back to the Verizon mother ship at all times, not just during an e911 call. Fortunately for those users, at least those who care about this issue and figure out to look into it, they can transform that by checking “enable location privacy” in their Phone Preferences.
Smart Phone location privacy means that your GPS-enabled phone is not transmitting your location except during an emergency call. Someone may track your mobile phone, some may track your location. So be careful to use mobile and try to safe always in everywhere forever… Best of luck…

Free Download Samsung SM-G357M PET Peru 4.4.2 KitKat G357MUBU0ANF3

Free Download Samsung SM-G357M PET Peru 4.4.2 Kit Kat G357MUBU0ANF3
Device  : Samsung SM-G357M
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Date Update : 2014-10-14
Region Code : OPT
Region Country : Portugal
Firmware Version : G357FZXXU1ANJ3
OS Name : KitKat


 OS Version : 4.4.4