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Save your smart phone from unauthorized access

 Save your smart phone from unauthorized access : Introduction : In our world there are many kinds of smart phone users are available...

Share Your Feeling With Relatives, Friends and Colleagues By Making Your Smart Phone Easy and Comfortable

Share Your Feeling With Relatives, Friends and Colleagues By Making Your Smart Phone Easy and Comfortable  :
At home and abroad many people are using smart phone to make easy life and enjoy entertainment with friends and family.  To make attractive environment, to make better selfie, to share feeling with friends and to connect with digital world all time smart phone is essential in a man’s life. You have to make your smart phone easy and comfortable by solving some simple problem from home.
During using smart phone someone may face some problem like display problem, cell phone hanged, can not open apps, version may corrupt.  Don't worry about these situation you can solve it from your home.

Follow some solution which you can do from home...
Solution No 1 : 
Restart your mobile.

Solution No 2 :
Switched off your mobile and after 2 minutes turn on power switch.

Solution No 3 :
Change the version to upgrade version. Like jellybean to kitkat or kikat to lollypop.

Solution No 4 :
Remove unauthorized apps and reinstall important or necessary apps.

Solution No 5 :
Transfer storage data to your computer, pen drive or cd, keep free memory more than 30%

Solution No 6 :
Try restore factory setting from phone setting option of your mobile.

Solution No 7 :
Press home button, power button and volume down during switched off smart phone to give factory reset or hard reset in safe mode or off condition.

Make sure that your mobile reset password is known to you.  Remember that for china mobile your reset password is 1122, for samsung mobile your reset password is  and for nokia mobile reset password is 1234. In this way you can solve maximum problem.  Considering all these above things keep secure your smart phone, solve problem from home and stay close in life with friends, relatives and colleagues and enjoy your life forever...

Keep trying... best of luck.

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