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How to give Flash or update a dead mobile phone

How to give Flash or update a dead mobile phone 
Sometimes our Smart phone, iPhone or any other mobile phone may not work due to firmware corruption, software dead or hardware failure. In this step you can apply some tips for your mobile phones. Due to firmware corruption in switched Off condition you have to install Nokia care suite for Nokia mobile Set. This software can be also work in others phone platform. Nokia Care Suite can also refurbish or flash a dead Nokia mobile.
Nokia, Samsung, LG, Philips and others brand Smart Phone or iPhone can also be apply with the system. To do this, follow the steps are given below –
 1. At First Install the Nokia care suite software for flash
 2. Download the firmware files
 3. After downloading firmware files connect the dead or bricked phone (in switched off condition) with computer via USB data cable and launch Nokia Care Suite.
 4. Double click “ Product Support Tool for Store ” 3. At the opened window set connection to “No connection” (from drop down list at top left just below File, View, Tools Menu bar).
 5. Now go to File / Open Product, find and select your phone’s RM=(BANNED) from the opened box and click Open
 6. Now click “ Programming – Recovery ” (Option button at the bottom left).
 7. At recovery window select the downloaded firmware and then check or tick “Update automatically” and “USB Dead phone flashing” option boxes (can be present according to NCS version or not) and click on the next.
 8. NCS will start flashing your device according to your command and it may take several minutes so wait until the flash process completes. In this way you can flash your mobile. If everything goes right you will get your phone back to life again. In this way any person can give flash or update a dead mobile phone.


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